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3/23/19 -

The plush collection page has been updated with 4 new plush toys! The extra About Me page has also been updated with an 11 second video that resonated with me so much that I felt it was absolutely necessary to add.:o I have sooo much art add onto the art page, but it takes me too long, and I'm on the verge of finishing some more, so please stay tuned for a large dump of art sometime very soon!! It feels like forever since I've updated!!

2/24/19 -

hnnghf The favorites page has been updated! I've really been taking a liking to Prairie Dawn nd we're really similar, so since I'm not really into Fraggle Rock all that much, I've put her in the spot that Gobo was previously in (oops)!! ngl I lowkey think I'm synpaths w her.

1/19/19 -

A box containing some super cool Neocities site buttons has been added to the links page!! I've made my own buttons so you can link back to my site if you'd like ;3 More stamps and blinkies have been added as well!

1/14/19 -

New characters have been added to the favorites page!! All of them are Muppets bc I'm an absolute dumbass.

1/13/19 -

New buttons, stamps, and blinkies have been added, as well as a plush addition to the plush collection page! There was also a minor rearrangement on the interests page bc I'm super interested in Jim Henson's works at the moment! More of the site will be updated soon! (>u<)/ //Hehe this is the first update of the new year!!

11/21/18 -

Currently adding a little mini-wiki / shrine for all of my favorite Sanrio characters! Only the main page and one of the character pages are done, but more are soon to come! You can view them by going into the shrines page!

11/18/18 -

The artworks page has been updated with 5 new pieces that I'm all suuuper happy about!! ^__^

11/2/18 -

The plush collection page has been updated with a new set of Little Twin Stars plushies!! The stamps collection was also updated, and the home page was given some renovations! >w<

10/29/18 -

A few new pages were made!!!!! An page for extra stuff was made, in which the plush collection page (★!NEW!★) is, as well as the stamps page! I'm pretty happy with these, especially the extras page!! I hope you might enjoy them as well!!

10/03/18 -

New buttons, blinkies, stamps, and external links have been added, in addition to two new works on the artwork page! The homepage is being renovated yet again, so please excuse how strange it is atm!!

9/03/18 -

Two new works have been added to the artwork page!! The updates box has also finally been fixed.

9/01/18 -

Links page was updated with some cool new sites ;)

8/18/18 -

Homepage is currently being renovated! The about and interests pages were also given minor updates!

8/16/18 -

All of the about pages have been completed (for the time being, at least)!!

7/24/18 -

Favorites page was updated with the addition of Pupple!

7/22/18 -

Homepage created! I'm very excited to continue working on this site!!