Here are some other neat Neocities sites!

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You can find me on these external sites:

Website Description
Personal blog My main blog which is used for reblogging fandom (primarily osomatsu-san!) and comedic content!
Art Blog Tumblr solely used for posting my artwork!
Rainbowcore blog


My aesthetic blog that focuses on rainbowcore, old web graphics, animecore, glowcore, and glitch art!
Instagram Basically the same content as my art blog, but may include more sketches, unfinished works, and WIPs.
Yumekawa-central An old yumekawaii website that I made for my computer science class my freshman year of high school. It centers around various cute J-fashions, such as fairy kei, menhera, decora, and larme kei! This was the first "real" website we had to make for school, so there's a lot wrong with it and some things might not even work properly lmao.

Neat and useful external sites:

Website Description
Glitter Graphics Contains an endless amount of cute pixel gifs and blinkies!!!
Monopro Pixel Pixelizes your artwork to your liking, while maintaining most details!
PaintsChainer Uses artificial intelligence to automatically color in your line work and sketches!
PHOTOMOSH Contains tons of animated glitchy filters to put over your photos and artwork!
Text Color Fader Just input your text and select your desired gradient rainbow to generate the code for your gradient text! Useful for making colorful text with all sorts of animations!
Hacker Typer [Not really all that useful, but it's fun!]
Hamster Dance Hamster Dance
My 90's TV a super cool website that presents you with playlists full of nostalgic 90's content from cartoons to spoaps and music, all presented to you though a CRT TV!
Animalese Speech Generator Make an Animal Crossing villager say any words of your choosing with this lovely text-to-speech Animalese project!
Transparent Textures Lots of transparents to use to add some texture to your images!
Engram Pixel
Sites with various cute dividers, borders, and cute gifs!
Glitter Graphic Text Generator Turns your text into a gif using a variety of colorful fonts!
WINDOWS93 An interesting and funny little in-browser OS that's full of fun stuff to do!
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