This page features various websites and online games I remember from childhood! I'll try to include the sites that I remember the most as well as some that are a bit more obscure!
NOTE: I believe most of the games listed here are available somewhere on the web still! Either on the Wayback Machine or on other sites, but I've found most of these games on other websites (sometimes a bit sketchy), still playable! If not, there are tons of YT videos featuring playthroughs of all of these games so you can almost get the full experience of playing them again!

Superstar Makeovers
Let's Baby-sit Baby Krissy
My Scene: Room Makeover
My Scene: Dazzling Nails
Barbie In the Nutcracker: Dress up
My Scene: Shopping Spree

I remember playing on when I was around 3-6 (probably a bit older than 3 lol) and spending all of my time in the Barbie arcade. This was one of my most frequently visited websites, and one of my favorites! I loved playing with baby Chrissy (that’s her name, right?) and putting together outfits for Barbie and her friends! My cousin and I once visited this site when we were 17&18 years old and when we heard the music that plays for baby Chrissy when she gets fed, we were automatically filled with nostalgia. It was so nice to play all of these games again! Most of them are still available on alternative websites if you'd like to play them too!


OK I’m still incredibly sad that Tamatown isn’t up anymore. This was another one of my favorite websites from when I was around 4-5! I had a tamagotchi V3 at this time, but I was too dumb to figure out how to make the codes given in Tamatown work on my Tamagotchi. My favorite places to go in Tamatown were the movie theater and the mall, specifically the music store. I have vivid memories of having all the lights off in the room and just going into the Tamatown music store and playing with the instruments.


Starfall was one of the sites I was introduced to by the school I attended in kindergarten.. Thankfully, the site is still up as of late 2019, and it’s still pretty much the same! You can click here to visit it!

Noggin/Nick Jr.

This is probably the website that I remember the most from my childhood. I looved watching Noggin/Nick Jr. when I was little! I’d spend a ton of time on this website and it’s one of the most nostalgic sites for me. You can still find a lot of the games that were on noggin on alternative sites!

Blue's Clues games

Art Appreciation
(Digital Storybook) Blue Is My Name
Doodle Doodle Guess and Draw

Oswald Games

Oswald's Ice Cream Cone
Big City Diner

Oobi Games

Dora Games

3D Pyramid Adventure
Go Diego Go - Tuga the Sea Turtle
Pirate Boat Treasure Hunt
Dora's Carnival Adventure
La Casa De Dora
Dora's Puppy Adventure

Max & Ruby Games

Nick Jr. Babies

Lazy Town Games

The Backyardigans: Mission to Mars

Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure

The Upside Down Show: The Schmancy Schmashup Game

Nick Jr.: Click Jr. Games

The Amazing Ant
Singing Sunflowers
Super Duper Dolphin
Frogs on a Log

Nick Jr. Stories

Rumble Grumble Gurgle Roar
Where do Slippers Sleep?
Dave the Brave Meets A Big Orange Monster

Miscellaneous Nick and Noggin Games

PBS Kids Games


Big Mouth Life

I hadn’t remembered that this game existed until I saw someone looking for it on r/tipofmytongue! I vaguely remember finding out about this through a cereal box advertisement (I think??) and playing it every now and then.

Playhouse Disney: Clay

Disney: Bunnytown

Polly Pocket Games

Polly’s Beautiful Bedroom
Polly’s Rockstar Makeover
Hair Stylin’ Salon

Disney: Zack & Cody Games

Tipton Trouble
Pizza Party Pickup!
Maddie's Snack Encounter

Surprisingly enough, these happen to be the only games that I can remember playing on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

DumDum Pops Flavor Factory

This game is still playable here!

I swear I remember a lot more games than the ones that are available on the website today, but some of the old games are still playable on Crayola's website!

Bunni: How We First Met

This game is still playable here!


Man I remember when EVERYONE was playing this game. I would spend hours running around each world and watching walkthroughs on youtube to finish as many worlds as I could. I thought this video in particular perfectly captured the spirit of many Poptropica walkthoughs, considering the Unregistered Hypercam and choice of music B3. You can still play Poptropica here!


ooohoh I fucking lived for this game. I thought it was the coolest most innovative thing ever. I used to draw so many of my favorite characters and original characters on here! I loved how colorful the scenery was and all the various activities you could do with your animals! I have such fond memories of this game

AG Kidzone

Let's go back!