Hello! My name is Aimee! I’m from the United States! I really love crafting, drawing, sculpting, and doing other generally creative activities! I love to spend my free time doing these things, as well as blogging about my comfort characters and playing rhythm games!

Kins: Todomatsu Matsuno, Prairie Dawn, and Popuko

If you call me by their names, I will melt on the spot and send you tons of virtual hugs.

Doubles are A-OK!

Scorpio (10/30)

Bi + cis girl

I’m super passionate about my interests and love them to bits!!

I love collecting stickers, plushies, and various antiques!

Clumsier than I’d like to admit lol

I’m really shy, but I try my best when communicating with others!!

Instruments: Violin + Piano

Favorite Fashions: Spank kei, Yamikawaii, and Menhera!

Goreshit, Akiko Yano, Jun Togawa, Shinsei Kamattechan, TOOL, Daisuke Tanabe, BABYMETAL, Kikuo, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Crystal Castles.

I’m definitely not the best at coding, but I really do enjoy it! I got interested through my school’s computer science course, and was really inquisitive about web development! I’m still very much a beginner, but I really hope to learn more as time goes on! That’s also the main purpose of this website! Seeing so much creative freedom being used here by people with similar interests and aesthetics made me especially eager to start my own Neocities site, in hopes of learning more and having a space to be myself!

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