Poppy!!!! Thank you soooo much for allowing me to create some of my fondest memories with you and allowing me to confide in you!!! I’m so happy that I got to know you for this long!!! You’ve made me so happy over the years! I’m so grateful that we can both be so open with one another, and that’s my favorite thing about our friendship!! I’ve never been able to be so close to someone emotionally, which is something that I am immensely thankful for!! You have no clue how thankful I am for all of the happy and surreal memories that you’ve gifted me!! Even if it doesn’t seem like very much, simply being around you is something that I can always be (even a little bit) happy about. I could have never expected that there would be anyone that I could connect with as much as I do with you! I’ll always hope that you’re taking good care of yourself and finding new things to make you happy!!! I love u lots!!