This page features various movies that I remember from childhood! Although I remember a lot of popular childrens and Disney movies, I'll try to include the more obscure, lesser known movies that I saw here. :]

I loved this movie when I was little! I specifically remember the purple forest, collecting of syrup from the trees, and the heart-shaped bread slices! I thought this movie was so creative and unique with its little details! It made the atmosphere all the more dream-like. ❤

Despite this not being a full-length movie, I decided to include this short film in this category, as it didn't really fit into the TV category. I believe it played in theaters with Finding Nemo! I absolutely love the 80s feel of the graphics and background!

Similar to the last Pixar short-film, this was included in Movies, rather than TV. It debuted a year prior to Knick Knack, the film above! Everyone already knows how much I love kidcore and toycore, so its no surprise that a film filled with colorful children's toys is my favorite! I love the lighting and atmosphere throughout the film! The tin toy himself is absolutely adorable too! I love his expressions and how reflective his texture can be! It's such a cute story as well!! How sorry the toy feels for the baby and how defensive he gets later lol!

Although I think I watched this movie when I was a bit older (probably early in 6th grade), I thought I would include it bc it has sooo much sentimental value to me! Keroro Gunso: The Deep Sea Princess had such a dreamlike aura to it, especially when Natsumi and Meru were visiting the upstairs carnival! I loved the songs from this movie so much!!

Holy shit this movie made me sob so much. I've never had to stop and sob at a movie before but damn. :/ The movie's animation and voice acting aren't great, making the beginning of the movie a bit hard to sit through, but man the retirement home and hospital scenes are so heartwrenching. I don't cry often or much at all, but I had to stop the movie near the end bc I just couldn't stop sobbing lol. The more emotional scenes in the movie are amazing and super touching! The backgrounds, especially those in the hospital, are also super sentimental and nostalgic!

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