This page features various PC and video games that I remember from childhood/adolescence! I'll try to include games from childhood here that I remember the most, and games from my adolescence that bring a nostalgic feeling for me, as well as some that are more obscure!
NOTE: Some of the games and images featured below have disturbing and gorey imagery!

I absolutely adore this game! If merch were available, I'd definitely buy it. This game has such a cute and unique low-poly look! I've never played it, but I remember watching playthroughs of it on YT a while back and thinking it looked so cute!

My very first game console was the Game Boy Advance SP! My father gave me one when I was around 4, then another that he found when I was 5. I had no knowledge or interest in video games at that time, though. The game that the first GBA came with was Pocket Bomber Man. The first time I tried to play it I remember getting upset bc I didn't know how to play the game, nor how the GBA worked. My dad had to show me and it ended up being a good time. :] Above are some of the games that I had! Being so young, I had super childish interests (Barbie and Dora), so I ended up selling most of these games. I really regret it. Especially the Barbie game. That one was rlly fun. :[

Ooooh Purble Place. :] This was my main go-to when my PC had no internet connection lol.

I got Beautiful Katamari when I was about 6 or so! My dad let me pick out an Xbox game, and I thought that the cover case was really cute and pretty! I didn’t even know what the game was about, how hard it was, or how to play lol. My dad and I struggled for a good hour trying to figure out how to roll correctly with the tutorial stage. It's a good memory. :]

Lol not a game, but I really wanted to include Windows XP in here somewhere bc this screen is so nostalgic to me :)

Man I would literally play Mario Kart DS until my thumbs hurt, it was my favorite DS game. My favorite tracks were Waluigi Pinball, Tick-Tock Clock, and Delfino Square. :] I’m also proud to say that I’m quite good at Mario kart ;)

Man, I think the mini-games from New Super Mario Bros. were a lot more nostalgic and slightly more memorable than the main game itself. Especially the cute little casino Luigi. :]

I started playing Drawn to Life games when I was about 9 or 10 I think! I played Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter first, then played the first game XD. It reminds me a lot of Shidonni in the sense that you’re able to make your own character and draw all of your weapons yourself. I really enjoyed it at the time!

I love the Rhythm Heaven series sooo much oml. I think the game concepts are super cute and unique!! Rhythm games are one of my favorite game genres to this day, and I definitely think that the variety of games in Rhythm Heaven started my interest.

I loved spending hours playing CD roms when I was little! Mickey Mouse Kindergarten was among one of my favorites! I loved the jazzy music and city-at-night setting the game had! I thought it was a really unique touch. :] My favorite activity from this game was neon sign creator, which was really fun!

This is the Disney Magic Artist Deluxe CD rom! I believe I got this in a set with the Mickey Mouse Kindergarten game, as well as a few other Mickey roms. I've unfortunately misplaced it though, but I remember it being much more interactive and visually interesting than these screenshots depict!

I SPY Junior: Puppet Playhouse was a little CD rom that I think came in one of those sets of assorted CD roms focused on improving various skill sets, like reading.

Yume Nikki was my introduction to the psychological horror genre. There was so much content in this game that I would spend hours upon hours trying to explore as much of it as I could. I was 11-12 around the time I first played it though, and I wasn't very good at handling its off-putting imagery. I'd have bad nightmares of it from time to time, but I loved the design so much that I'd keep coming back for more lol. I still live for its unique design and artwork. I especially loved Masada. :] I would draw Madotsuki and various monsters from the game in class all the time. I'd love to draw them again someday!

.Flow is another one of my favorite psychological horror games! I started playing it soon after Yume Nikki, and really got into it!! I loved drawing the gory imagery, especially the Kaibutsus! I think the atmosphere of the game and its more explicit monsters than those of Yume Nikki were so interesting! I think I even drew more of .Flow than I did Yume Nikki! I have a sketchbook and papers in it filled with drawings of the characters and monsters.

I've never actually played Demonophobia before, but I thought that it had somewhat of a similar atmosphere to .Flow. Albeit a lot more gruesome. It feels very reminiscent of older Vocaloid horror songs.

I love the artwork in Gingiva so much! Although most RPG maker games make me feel really nostalgic, this one makes me feel like I'm watching an obscure VHS tape that I wasn't meant to watch. I love the design so much. So unique! Before this game, I had never seen an RPG maker game that utilized photographs for a large majority of the content. It's so charming.

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